Arcon 38 & first open playtests

Arcon 38 is behind us now. It was the first time Loop ‘n’ Loot went public for open play sessions with people who knew nothing about my game.

I can safely say that the game was well received and all of the players seemed to like it :). Some liked the freshness of the system, some the gonzo-ism of the dungeon, some liked it so much they came for extra sessions :). To all the people who dared to come to play: a huge THANK YOU! (you’re awesome).
If you have tested the game this weekend, and if it’s ok with you, send me a PM with your real first and last names so I can add you in the “thank you” of the core rule book.

If you have not done it yet, feel free to join the discussion around Loop ‘n’ Loot in Discord!